Our Story

Passion and Purpose create Perseverance through AccountABILITY

What Downtown is all about:

We work on many aspects of skill development through situational game tactics, individual skill enhancement, high repetition training, decision making and pace of play all within our Elite Accountabilities!


4 C’s – Commit to Compete with Communication and Consequence

Training consists of implementing these 4 factors in order to create a high intense environment. Our expectations are that all players come ready to compete to the highest-level in every workout session.

 Never Tired Never Distracted Never Negative Never Complacent Never Satisfied

 “It’s not about how good you say you are, show someone how good you are.”



~Ball Handling
~ Scoring Footwork
~ Off the Dribble Attacking
~ Dynamic Finishing
~ Off the Dribble Shooting
~ Directional and Pace Play
~ Lock Down Defense
~ IQ and Decision Making


Downtown Basketball is a proud supporter of the London Ramblers Basketball Program. The grassroots of basketball in the London community for over 30yrs.