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My name is Michelle Brown and I am a driven professional with a personable nature that enables her to develop meaningful relationships with my clients. My passion for fitness and desire to help people reach their fitness goals is what excites me most about this profession. I am goal oriented, motivated and I strive for excellence. My clients are my number one priority and I gets extreme satisfaction from watching my clients succeed.


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'What our Client's are saying"


Slyvia Flynn

MotionFlexx client since

I have been training with Michelle shortly after the gym opened at Gammage. At first it was to make sure I was doing things properly {correct form, numbers of reps, effective routines} with both machines and free weights. {Up until then my knowledge came from magazines, books, etc.} Working with Michelle keeps me motivated; she changes our routines on a regular basis to keep my body challenged. I would highly recommend working out with Michelle as her knowledge of the body is extensive, she continues to expand her knowledge with courses and seminars, is more than willing to work on, or around, problem areas {injuries, soreness, etc}, is qualified to give good nutritional advice, will research concerns you may have, and she has a lot of patience.


Angela Jarry

MotionFlexx client since

I have been training with Michelle off and on for 3-4 years now. She is an absolute joy to work out with. She has a terrific personality and her knowledge for training goes beyond words. While working with Michelle I received great results and was very impressed. She taught me how to eat properly and how to read labels so my intake was very healthy. She gave me a program to workout with that gave me great results. She is realistic with the goals you want to achieve and encourages you along the way. I highly recommend Michelle she is a wonderful trainer and a wonderful friend. Thanks Michelle for all your hard work you have done for me to help me achieve my goals.


Lisa Taylor

MotionFlexx client since

Once I started exercising again I realized I needed someone to help me achieve results. I just wasn’t sure about the quality of my workouts. Working with Michelle has been wonderful. There is nothing like the pain of a result driven workout delivered with a smile. Thanks Michelle!!


Tanya Hall

Motionflexx clinet since

Michelle is an extremely personable and professional elite trainer. She is very knowledgeable and her experience in this field is evident. I believe that Michelle is an excellent trainer because she truly cares about her clients and their fitness goals. She goes above and beyond the call of duty to be sure that her clients succeed. She is an excellent motivator and her positive attitude is inspiring. She always has confidence in her clients and that is what makes her an excellent trainer and friend.